Our quality policy

Futura is fully determined to invest more and more in the quality of the products and offered services to answer efficiently to market demands and keep and increase the acquired market share.

Quality is the key point of the company strategy

Our management is involved in preventing each possible cause of Non Conformity. We optimize the internal company organization and we keep each company process involved in the quality of the final product and service carefully under control.

Our company is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001.

Human Resources, Quality, Optimization and Respect of production times are the key points to continuously improve each company process.

Our management consider Customer satisfaction a priority. All our efforts are in this direction.

We want to continuously improve our organization and know-how with the highest qualified training for our employees. In this direction, the certification, through a certified organization, of our Quality System is a priority. We established standard procedures to introduce a uniform working method shared by all the employees.

In this direction Futura organizes training to ensure the high level responsability and knowhow of all the employees at each level. Quality Manual is a reference factor for each of us to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, courtesy, trust and assistance to our customers to maximum level

We want to establish clear and high professional relationships with our employees, customers and supplier according to the Company Policy.

Our management update Quality targets every year in order to improve continuously the performance of the company.

Our main targets are:

  • Quality certification through UNI EN ISO 9001
  • Customer satisfaction, through high quality materials and equipments in respect of security and environmental procedures
  • Increase the profitability by analyzing carefully the processes and investments
  • Increase Know-how of the employees by organizing high level training to cover every gap
  • Efficiency of each company process analyzing the most relevant KPI
  • Careful evaluation of our customer expectations in terms of materials and services
  • Continuous improvement of the quality level by checking each procedure, working method and prevent of each possible mistake

Periodically Internal Audit are performed to test the our company System and verify if some improvements must be introduced

Our management is focused in verifying if Our Quality system is compliant .  Company targets are continuously verified and the necessary improvements are quickly introduced.


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