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Thermal Management

Thermal Interface materials are applied to increase the thermal contact conductance across jointed solid surface in order to optimize thermal transfer efficiency.

Without this thermal interface these gaps are filled with air which is a very poor conductor.

Soft and flexible thermally conductive material allows to minimize thermal resistances between electronic parts and heat sinks.

Futura srl can offer a wide range of materials for every specific thermal problem.

In particular we can offer:

  • Electrically insulating thermal interface materials
  • Electrically conductive thermal interface materials
  • Thermal clips

Electrically insulating materials are used in application where heat transfer high performance are required with electrical insulation.
We can supply gap fillers and thermally conductive insulator foil with different kind of thermal conductivity (W/mK) and hardness (Shore 00).

Electrically conductive thermal interface materials are built on an electrically conductive carrier such as graphite or aluminum. Among this family the most efficient materials are pure graphite and phase-change materials (basically polyimide substrate coated with phase-change thermally conductive polymer on both sides).

To go into technical details you can find the complete datasheets of the material.

Futura srl can offer a complete service:

  • Identification of the proper material for customer application
  • Fast sampling according to customer drawing
  • Mass production

We can cut all this material according to any specified drawing with high efficiency and low-cost, thanks to our machines.
We can offer samples in 48 hours.

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