Optical filters

Futura provides full service in design, engineering and manufacturing of any kind of windows according to customer specification.

We can provide:

  • Contrast enhancement filters to increase the readibilty of signal light from display. They are typically Broad-band filters that allow for the transmittance of all light (colours).
  • LCD filters for LCD applications that require a maximum of external light. In order to satisfy these requirements we develop a filter with a light transmittance of 100 % compared to transparent acrylic.
  • Infrared filter, used in security system, sensors, scanners, IR camera and in each application where the exclusion of visible light is required.
  • Shielded window to control incoming and outgoing electromagnetic emission
  • Diffusion filters typically used for back-lighted LCD modules such as Passenger Information Systems at airports.
  • Polycarbonate filters highly resistant to shock and impact. The transmittance of visible light is 85%, UV light is almost completely absorbed.

Our filters have particular high optical quality as the material is made in float glass casts, resulting in a perfect optical surface without any distortion of the display signal.

Different kind of surface treatment can be used:

  • scratch resistance treatment
  • standard non glare coating
  • AR coating

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